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Reduce Repair Reuse Recycle

Reduce repair reuse recycle is one of the core tenets of KANE. There are many aspects of life we can apply this philosophy to, and we believe if all people applied this thinking to their lives, we could reduce the impact we humans have on our precious Earth.

There are SO many ways that you can incorporate this thinking into your daily life and encourage your family and friends to do so too.

  • Desex your pets to reduce unwanted kittens and puppies. If you are seeking a pet, adopt one from a rescue organisation instead of buying a pure breed.

  • Use your own shopping bags to reduce unwanted plastic waste. You could purchase one of our KANE reusable shopping bags and support KANE at the same time.

  • Say no to products with excess plastic packing and support those with recycled or sustainably sourced packaging.

  • Become active in the Neems to Go program and help reduce the huge impact of the spread of neem trees throughout the Kimberley. You can find out ways to help on the Neems-to-go Kimberley Facebook page.

  • Become involved with the Kimberley Fire Institute and help us reduce the devastating impact that repeated burning is having in the Kimberley. Repeated burning seriously degrading our land, murdering our wildlife, and irrevocably changing our environment. Now is the time to become involved to change how we manage fire in our region.

  • Recycle everything you possibly can. Separate your rubbish to reduce what ends up in the landfill: plastic bottles, cans and some glass can now be recycled. When taken to a recycling centre, wherever you are in Australia, it will also raise money for KANE. Just quote our Containers for Change number C10274916 and the money will go straight into our bank. Easy!!

Cardboard waste can be composted or used in the garden to control weeds. Many appliances can be repaired instead of thrown out or repurposed in interesting and creative ways. There are so many sites out there that can give you brilliant ideas of ways to tread lightly on our planet.


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