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we will rescue and care for any native mammal, bird or reptile in the East Kimberley. We also re-home domestic pets with loving new families.  

For the love of animals & the Protection of our environment

Kimberley Animals, Nature & Education Inc. (KANE) is a charity program for the welfare of our regions Domestic Pets, Animal Adoption & Wildlife Rehabilitation in the East Kimberley.

We are kindly supported by the Kimberley Vet Centre, but we very much rely on the kind generosity and donations given to us through local businesses and our caring community.

Our group is based at the Kimberley Vet Centre (KVC) in Kununurra, they provide the initial primary assessment of all rescued & abandoned domestic animals and wildlife before we care for, rehabilitate and re-home.

Your Support Means The World To Us!

Our heart goes out to the overwhelming support that we are shown from our local businesses, and we appreciate your help in every which way.

We could not continue with our work if it wasn't for our communities kind and generous donations, not matter how large or small.

Your donations really do make a difference.

As a not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers, we sure do a lot!

Wildlife Rescue

We provide care and rehabilitation for all of our native wildlife. If you discover any animals that may be injured, trapped or unable to survive, please let our volunteers know.

Pet Rescue

Rescue, care, rehabilitation and the road to re-homing is provided by our sponsors and volunteers in Kununurra and our surrounding communities for any domestic pets in need.

Pet Adoption

Our team of amazing volunteers and a kind network of carers provide an essential service to prepare and match our rescued pet with their new and welcoming forever homes.

Kimberley Fire Institute

The Kimberley Fire Institute provide a life saving, prevention and education program to tackle the destructive bush fires that surround our rural everyday life and our wildlife wellbeing.

De-Neem Project

Neem trees in the Kimberley have become an invasive and fast growing weed, threatening our native trees and fauna. We support the De-Neem project to tackle the problem head on, one tree at a time.

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You can now help the environment, and kane!

KANE Inc is a non-profit organisation between a group of dedicated volunteers who provide extensive care and rehabilitation for all creatures in the East Kimberley.

We rely heavily on the kind donations and help from local businesses and the caring community. The Containers for Change scheme is just one way that you could make a difference and support or organisation.

Scheme ID: C10274916