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Domestic Pets, Animal adoption & Wildlife Rehabilitation in the East Kimberley, Supported by the Kimberley Vet Centre

The Kimberley Animals, Nature & Education Inc. Latest News

War Animal Day

Thursday 24 February is officially War Animal Day. A day to remember and recognise all the millions of animals that sacrificed their...

Onyx the Black headed python

Onyx, the Black Headed Python rescue story.

Joey Jam

Lena and Mario and I all fell in love with Joey Jam, as he eventually became, on the same night. We’d all gone out of town to hang out in...

Our Funding


Donations from the public via our donation boxes at the vet centre and at various sites around town.


Fundraising events such as a regular Trivia night with prizes donated by local people and businesses.


A large proportion of our funding comes from successful grant applications from council, regional & national incentives.


Containers for Change allows KANE to receive funds from recycled cans, plastic bottles etc. Please nominate KANE.

For the love of animals & the Protection of our environment

Kimberley Animals, Nature & Education Inc. (KANE) is a charity program for the welfare of our regions Domestic Pets, Animal Adoption & Wildlife Rehabilitation in the East Kimberley. 

Our group is based at the Kimberley Vet Centre (KVC) in Kununurra, they provide the initial primary assessment of all rescued & abandoned domestic animals and wildlife before we care for, rehabilitate and re-home.

Kindly supported by the Kimberley Vet Centre

We are forever grateful for the support provided by the Kimberley Vet Centre (KVC) in Kununurra, who oversee the initial primary assessment of all rescued & abandoned domestic animals and wildlife who find themselves in our care. We often receive both domestic and Wildlife from the Northern Territory, and throughout the Kimberley region from Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing and even from as far west as Broome.

Puppy’s and Kittens are then placed with Foster carers until they can be adopted. Wildlife is also passed on to carers until rehabilitated and ready for release.

We would never fail to help an animal in need




Kimberley Fire Institute


Temporary Care or Adoption

Not everyone is in a position to be able to offer home care, but if it is something that you and your family may consider, providing temporary care or even adoption for some of our animals is an invaluable resource for our organisation, and can prove to be a very rewarding time for yourself.

Lookout for Injured or Abandoned Animals

Simply being aware of nature and wildlife in your everyday surroundings and providing information or reports to the services helps to identify and keep our animals safe. It is impossible to put a price on extra pairs of eyes in and around our neighbourhood.

Volunteer Your Time

They say every little helps, but it really does. Even volunteering a small bit of your time to KANE can really make a difference. It may just be transport or a simple administration task, but it frees up precious time for our vets and rescue teams. Your time is invaluable to us.

Donations & Fundraising

Almost half of our funding required for day-to-day operating costs comes from kind and generous donations, fundraising efforts, or the new Containers for Change initiative. We are eternally grateful for every gifted donation. If you were able to help spread the word, provide ideas or help with a fundraising event, or encourage others to show their support through the container recycling scheme, every little help does make a great difference.

How you can get Involved

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