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Contacting KANE

KANE can be contacted 24/7 as they say, by ringing the Kimberley Vet on 91691229. We help orphaned and injured wildlife and lost or abused pets. All injured creatures need to come to the vet for assessment. All lost pets must be received by the Shire rangers so they can find any family out there looking for them. Your pets’ microchip and Shire registration will allow the Rangers to contact the owners and reunite them with their pet.

All animals received by the Shire will be held for a minimum time period (defined by The Act) before being rehomed. Young pups and kittens may stay with the Vet instead of the pound, so we can give them the extra care these furry kids need. We work closely with the Shire to rehome all suitable unclaimed animals. Those that are selected will come to KANE and stay in foster care before rehoming. Please contact the rangers on the SWEK number 9168400 in the day or After hours on 9168416 if you have found a lost pet.

We have had a working relationship with Kangaroo Haven for many years. Mandy and her team care for the majority of wallabies and kangaroos (macropods) that are rescued in the area. We send most of the joeys we receive to Mandy for her expert care, though any injured creatures should still come to us for veterinary assessment and treatment first. You can contact Mandy on 0438 921942.

Sadly, badly injured adult macropods (who have usually been hit by vehicles on the road) can rarely be saved. Local DBCA Officers will be able to be of assistance with these cases when they are in town. DBCA can be contacted on 91684200.


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