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Three ways to help native birds

We have some truly amazing native birds, but sadly numbers of birds, in fact all our wildlife, are decreasing rapidly. There are many reasons for this: changes in their habitat which includes loss of food, loss of nesting sites and predation by feral cats.

Here are a few things you could do to help them:

  • Put out a bowl of water somewhere safe or make a small pond where they can visit for a drink of water. Lots of different wildlife may come and use this. Putting a rock in the bowl will stop the birds or lizards getting stuck in it and drowning. I have a bowl on the base of my tank stand and lots of birds come for a drink and a bath every day.

  • Plant some bird friendly trees and bushes in a quiet corner of your yard or block. This will provide them with food, shelter and bring some colourful bird life to your yard.

  • If you own a pussy cat make sure it is desexed and keep them inside or provide them with a cattery. Predation of wildlife by owned and feral cats has a huge impact on our native bird numbers.

  • Put up some hollow logs, shelters or nesting boxes in trees around your property. Repeated fires is destroying nesting sites for many bird species and making it hard for them to find suitable nesting sites.

  • Get rid of cane toads on your land. Toads consume a huge quantity of insects from the environment, directly competing with birds, reptiles and other amphibians for food. Less toads means more food for all our precious wildlife.


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