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Transporting injured wildlife

Injured creatures found on the road, may be suffering from a wide variety of injuries. Occasionally some have just been stunned, and may recover from the shock, sometimes after you have collected them. If you find yourself in possession of an animal that has suddenly come to life, it is best to stop and let it out again.

Small to medium sized injured birds can be collected in a towel or rag and put into any receptacle that might be available. Cooler bags, plastic crates, cardboard boxes and even pillowcases all make very useful temporary houses for injured creatures.

Remember you now have a stressed and injured animal with you so keeping music to a minimum, keeping it out of the heat and minimising handling will all help to reduce stress as much as is possible. Shock is best treated with warmth not cold, so avoid putting their bag or box in front of the air-conditioning.

Contact the vet centre as soon as you can and we will give you advice and assistance.


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