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Lisa and Stella

Lisa Harding met her Terrier cross friend Stella when she was just 5 weeks old. Stella was being fostered by a friend of hers and was one of 3 puppies who had been rescued from a community out of Kununurra.

She picked me, I just fell in love” said Lisa, after the little pup crawled up onto her lap and promptly fell asleep there. “She never left after that. I even took “maternity leave” from work to care for her when she first came into my life”.

Lisa feels that Stella really rescued her, not the other way round. “Life wasn’t so flash before Stella arrived. Now I have a reason to exercise, she makes me so happy, and I set goals to go out and do things.” Stella entertains all her friends with her antics, especially when she bounces around the place like a kangaroo crossed with a jack-in-a-box.

For the first few months Stella was still very scared, but she is now a loving and happy soul who is the Sporties Cheer Dog at the local community sports club where Lisa works. She is now very brave, telling off one of our vet nurses when she arrived at the vets so we could trim her toenails recently. Apparently she wasn’t so good at telling off the burglars who broke into Stella and Lisa’s house recently though.

Oh well, I guess we can’t all be perfect!


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