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River the Tawny Frogmouth

Little River was brought into the Kimberley Vet as a tiny white fluffy ball, only 2-3 weeks old! He was a little baby Tawny Frogmouth who had lost his way from his mum!

Luckily, he had no injuries when he came into care. Anna, one of the nurses from the vet cared for him until he was ready to move onto a bigger cage to start learning to fly. He spent most of his days nestled on top of a warm heat pack and was fed a diet of pinky mice every few hours. He was very timid at first but over time became a very confident juvenile Tawny.

We got to watch him learn how to balance, perch, and take his own food instead of having it fed to him. It was important to limit contact with him so he didn’t become to attached to us! But when we did have to handle him we didn’t miss any photo opportunities!

He was released from his bigger aviary about 2-3 months later once he could fly and hunt himself. He is now flourishing in the wild, and even comes back to visit his other carers now and then!


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