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Spud the Balgo Boy

Spud became a KANE Kid when he arrived at the Kimberley Vet after being found on Balgo community with his head stuck in a tin can. He was about 2 months old and must have been fending for himself after being bitten on the head by another dog. He had a tooth hole in the middle of his head, which had given him concussion and a head tilt to the left which made him roll over in circles when he tried to walk. He had giant ears, a pot belly, a crooked head and funny little, short legs.

When the lovely aboriginal nurse who bought him in handed him over to one of our vet nurses Danee Finckh, he wriggled with excitement and flipped out of her hands in a blur of furry paws….and landed on his head on the front verandah! Danee rushed him inside, ignoring any regard for quarantine rules, and thrust him under my nose on the consult table. And Spud was fine! Well as fine as a head injured puppy can be. Wobbling his way about the consult table and taking it all in his stride.

Spud really wasn’t a great candidate for rehoming, especially at 4.45 on a Friday afternoon, as we had no idea how well he would recover, but we all instantly fell in love with his courageous spirit and happy grin. He went home for the weekend with Danee, and after a weekend of cute puppy SPAM it was clear he was going to stay with us at the Vet Centre.

Spud is now our Kimberley Animals Furry Ambassador and is definitely a Dude. His happy go lucky attitude is loved by all, and he is a great advertisement for the benefits of the joint supplement injections known as Cartrophen, which Spud has monthly to keep his very bendy legs from becoming arthritic.

Since he has been with us Spud has recovered from his original head injury, though it did take us months to get the twist out of his neck with body work and natural remedies. He now runs and jumps like all the other happy dogs.


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